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Why It’s a Good Time to Take a Facial Aesthetics Course

2021-03-16 18:30:00

Rikin Parekh

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We are receiving many questions on how consultants can take a facial aesthetics course in the current climate. Many people are saying “I’ve only just gone back to work – I’m worried about taking so much time off to do a course!” and asking us “Is there actually a market for facial aesthetics right now, when the economy is suffering?”

Along with these new queries we are still hearing the usual questions like:

What kind of support am I going to get on the course?”


“will I have to share models with other delegates.”

“How affordable are Avanti courses?”


We thought it would be a good idea to answer your questions in one article to ensure you are fully informed when deciding on whether to take your training course now.

Here are some of the top questions that you are asking when deciding to book a course with us.


  1. “I’ve only just gone back to work – I’m worried about taking so much time off to do a course!”

    I completely understand… And that’s why the course is conducted mostly on weekends, on a Friday-Saturday-Sunday, so you won’t have to take much time off work at all.

    To make things even easier for you, we’ve launched a cutting-edge online platform, with all our course materials loaded ready for you. You can go through these at your own pace from the comfort of your home, whenever you have time.

    Then, you’ll come into our Harley Street location over three days (if booked on the full course) to practice your techniques. You’ll get a comprehensive grounding in facial aesthetics theory and all the practice you need to get started treating your own patients immediately.
  1. “Is there actually a market for facial aesthetics right now, when the economy is suffering?”


This is another great question – and the answer might surprise you! What we’re seeing now is an enormous surge in demand for aesthetic treatments. Post-lockdown, many people want to treat their distressed skin, and are making taking care of their appearance a priority.

Many clinics can’t even handle the demand!

So there is a big opportunity for you to bring in a lot of extra income, especially if you do your training soon.

Whilst it’s true that demand for some treatments may change if the recession deepens, most practitioners expect overall demand to remain steady – as it did in the recession of 2008.

What’s more, many patients are currently shunning the low-cost, non-medical, unqualified providers who previously flooded the market, because they do not feel safe in their hands due to Coronavirus.

They are seeking out medically-trained, qualified practitioners – making this an enormous opportunity for you.


Will this help if I’ve previously taken an aesthetics course, but don’t feel confident enough to practice?


Many of our delegates have taken other courses, which unfortunately rushed through the theory and didn’t give them the skills to practice on ‘real’ patients either safely or effectively.

Our course is one of the most comprehensive anywhere. We show you how to take a ‘full face’ approach – not just look at one area in isolation.

You’ll cover botulinum toxin treatments and dermal filler treatments for cheek enhancement, marionette lines and nasolabial fold reduction, as well as lip enhancement.

You’ll also cover facial anatomy and physiology, complications (essential but an area other courses often skim over!) and you’ll get a competitive advantage, because we’ll teach you about setting up your own practice, finding your first patients and the marketing that’s working RIGHT NOW as well!

Most importantly – you will get extensive practice with all the techniques we teach you. On most courses, delegates share a model or even practice injecting on a plastic model only!

Unlike most other courses, at Avanti you will not share models with other delegates.

During your full course practical training, you’ll treat a minimum of 3 live models with a full face approach in botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, inclusive of a full range of mid and lower face/neck indications.

You’ll gain an unparalleled amount of needle and cannula experience treating a patient’s cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and labiomental crease.

You’ll also treat a patient using the most effective techniques for lip enhancement and perioral rejuvenation.

All of your practical training is under 1-to-1 supervision and guidance from our expert trainers. You also observe up to 39 patients being treated over the 3 days to integrate your analysis and injecting skills. You’ll maximise your hands-on experience and solidify your techniques before treating your own patients.

This is designed to be the first and last foundation course you’ll ever need!

Call now on 0207 096 1088

How affordable are Avanti courses?

The investment for our full course is equivalent to £400 per month, over 12 months. This is the cost of just one Botox or fillers treatment – if you can treat just one patient each month (a goal so easy it’s laughable…), you’ll make your money back straight away.

In fact, once you start treating patients, you can reasonably expect to earn back your investment in the course within days, making this a no-brainer.

If necessary, you can spread the cost out over several months with our interest free credit – Please do ask us about our finance options.

Unlike many other courses, you won’t have to invest in any other Foundation course after this one – It equips you to start practicing immediately.

What kind of support am I going to get?

Even with the best training in the world, it can be intimidating to start practicing on real patients by yourself.

We want to make sure that you never feel alone and that you get all the support you need, so we will be here to answer any question you have, large or small, whenever you need it.

Our course is renowned for the high level of support you get once you graduate.

You’ll also be able to access:

  • The Avanti Complications Emergency Telephone Hotline - You will get IMMEDIATE assistance in case of emergencies – a service which is worth its weight in gold!
  • A private online support forum where you’ll get ongoing support and advice from our trainers, assistance in treatment planning, answers to any questions you need, and a chance to network with like-minded delegates
  • Business, marketing & social media set-up assistance – helping you get started with your new business easily and attract your first patients!
  • Insurance & aesthetic pharmacy account set-up assistance and exclusive discounts!
  • Product and consumable purchase advice

AND we’ll help you set up Pabau CRM to manage your aesthetic patients – and give you 3 months of this popular platform for free!

We simply want you to be able to use all the knowledge and skills we’ve taught you, to be able to help your patients and build a successful practice.

Ready to get started?

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